WORLD OF GLAMOUR: The Cullen Family

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Cullen Family

Insiders say we’ll get to see a much darker side of the Cullen family in the next film. That we'll see when the film actually will hit the cinema but right now we are all bursting with curiosity about what happens in the third instalment, Eclipse.

"Alice gets a little edgier with each instalment. It's a reminder to the audience that even though we restrain ourselves at times, we're still vampires and we're dangerous” says actress Ashley Greene, who plays the sweet and bubbly character of Edward’s sister Alice.

Esme Cullen, the matriarch of the Cullen household played by Elizabeth Reaser also brings out a more fiery side.

"It was interesting to get in touch with the vampire side of her in ways that haven't really been explored. Her family is in danger and that brings out the mama bear in her” says Elizabeth.

We can’t wait, a new Twilight fix is long overdue! Eclipse hits Australian cinemas on the 1st of July 2010.

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