Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson made his escape

Robert Pattinson once turned up at singer Christina Aguilera's house, demanding a safe place to hide from the paparazzi, she has revealed.

The NOT MYSELF TONIGHT singer who is a huge fan of Twillight star, told New York radio station she was shocked to find Pattinson standing on the driveway of the Beverly Hills home. She said he asked if he could hide out in her house for few hours and she let him. When it was time for him to leave, Christina went out first and drew the paparazzi away so he could slip out unnoticed.

Wonder what Kristen has to say about this!!!!!

Madonna's girl Lourdes becomes 'cover girl'

Lourdes Ciccone-Leon has just landed her first ever magazine cover - and Madonna isn't too happy about it!

The 13-year-old has already been offered film roles, but Madonna feels Lourdes is still too young to enter into the industry, preferring her ambition by enrolling her in a prestigious acting school. European mag Quality seems to think Lourdes has already got enough star power in her own right - giving Lourdes what is believed to be her very first cover-star moment!

I think this is some kind of Photoshop!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth almost broke up

Miley Cyrus and her Aussie boyfriend and ''The Last Song'' co-star Liam Hemsworth on a break. The two are said to have broken up after an argument at her LA mansion (where Liam was living too) last month. Now Liam has reportedly moved his things back to his brother Chris Hemsworth’s apartment. The National Enquirer reports Liam has had enough of Miley’s parents Billy-Ray and Tish Cyrus interfering in their relationship, as well as Miley’s jealousy since Liam landed a role in upcoming flick Arabian Nights, which is predicted to be a blockbuster.

"[Liam] said he's tired of her folks' interference and that Miley's jealous that his film career has taken off" a source told the tabloid.

"Miley, her family and all her baggage are too much for him to handle." When asked about the status of her relationship with Liam, Miley apparently said "(We) are on a break."

How sad!!!!!

Angelina Jolie isn't the perfect humanitarian

A new book claims that Angelina Jolie isn't the perfect humanitarian super-mum she's cracked up to be.

Star magazine report that notorious author Andrew Morton is set to rattle some skeletons in the 34-year-old's closet - including alleged affairs she had with Lenny Kravitz, Ralph Fiennes - and a married-to-Uma Thurman-era Ethan Hawke. “I interviewed dozens of her friends and associates, and they told me some fascinating facts about Angelina and her relationship with Brad,” the author told Star.

The book reportedly also features claims of heroin use, "cutting and voodoo rituals,", and that Brad Pitt is at his happiest when he's "buzzed and talkin' up a storm."

Christina Aguilera's New Album: 'Bionic'

After months of feverish anticipation, Christina Aguilera's fourth studio album Bionic is finally here and exclusive to MusicFIX!

Xtina needs little introduction: she's sold 30 million albums worldwide, won five Grammy Awards, and is the only artist under 30 to be featured in Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest singers of all time.

Bionic features the hit single 'Not Myself Tonight' plus collaborations with Sia, Tricky Stewart, Ladytron and more.

Dont miss out guys!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hairstylist Tricks That Instantly Slim Your Look

Face-Framing Half-Updo

“If you pull your hair straight back, your face looks rounder, because the temple is the widest part of your face; and the place where you actually gain weight — between your cheekbone and your jawline — is now exposed,” says Blandi. “To soften the look, pull some hair down around your cheekbones to create a frame around the face.”

Wispy Ponytail

Similar to the half-updo, “if you pull hair back into a severe ponytail, you’ll see the gained weight in that telltale jaw and neck area,” says Blandi. “When wearing a ponytail, make sure it’s soft and high; then play around with what type of fringe looks best with your bone structure.”

A Cut Above

“Just as fashion tricks, like wearing black or pinstripes, make you look slimmer, the right hairstyle can also make your face seem thinner,” says star coiffeur Oscar Blandi. “If you have long hair, don’t wear it longer than your chest and create movement with layers that frame your face.”