WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Hairstylist Tricks That Instantly Slim Your Look

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hairstylist Tricks That Instantly Slim Your Look

Face-Framing Half-Updo

“If you pull your hair straight back, your face looks rounder, because the temple is the widest part of your face; and the place where you actually gain weight — between your cheekbone and your jawline — is now exposed,” says Blandi. “To soften the look, pull some hair down around your cheekbones to create a frame around the face.”

Wispy Ponytail

Similar to the half-updo, “if you pull hair back into a severe ponytail, you’ll see the gained weight in that telltale jaw and neck area,” says Blandi. “When wearing a ponytail, make sure it’s soft and high; then play around with what type of fringe looks best with your bone structure.”

A Cut Above

“Just as fashion tricks, like wearing black or pinstripes, make you look slimmer, the right hairstyle can also make your face seem thinner,” says star coiffeur Oscar Blandi. “If you have long hair, don’t wear it longer than your chest and create movement with layers that frame your face.”

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