Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lucky seven for Brad and Angelina?

After recently saying last Christmas "nothing planned at the moment, but I could end up pregnant" to Marie Claire, we knew Brad and Ange were not using birth control, but could she have known she was already in the early stage of pregnancy?

A close source has told OK magazine that "she"s almost three months along". "She can't wait to be a mum again," the source confirmed to OK. "It's not something she wants to officially announce but she's at a point where she is telling a select group of people."

The Oscar-winning actress is reported to be feeling the pressures of early pregnancy, as yet another unnamed source told OK, "She's having a tough time with morning sickness but says it's all worth it."

This will be the couple's seventh child (their fourth biological child). With seven being a lucky number in many of the eastern countries that the couple frequent, they may like to stop here, but then again, they do love to add to their brood.

At what number of kids do you think Brad and Angelina should stop at? Enter your comments below :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kyle Sandilands and Jennifer Hawkins get 'married'

Jennifer Hawkins must be thanking her lucky stars this ceremony wasn't legally binding. The Aussie model was hustled into walking down the aisle with Kyle Sandilands this morning on 2DayFM. Because eloping on breakfast radio with a guy like Kyle is every girl's dream, right? 

Kyle and his co-host Jackie O surprised the Aussie model with a makeshift wedding chapel set up in the studio complete with a red carpet, flowers, guests, rings, and fancy outfits for bride and groom.

But Jen's hot fiancĂ© Jake Wall wasn't around to do the deed so instead she settled for a 'rehearsal' with eligible bachelor, Kyle.
Jen handled the surprise like a good sport and went along with the wedding, even reading out the hilarious vows written for her by the show's producers (or maybe even by Kyle?).
A highlight: "No matter what you weigh, I'll always make sure there's no food stuck in your beard… or microphone in your fat roll"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ashton's homewrecker finally speaks the truth

As Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore return from their marriage-saving camping trip, Ashton's alleged piece on the side has finally found the right price for her story and spilt the beans about their steamy one night stand.

Last night 22-year-old Sara Leal blabbed to US tabloid Us Weekly about the hotel hot tub romp that could destroy Ashton's six-year marriage to Demi.

Leal says she and the 33-year-old Two and a Half Men actor frollicked naked with her best friend in the hot tub of his San Diego hotel suite, and although he wanted a threesome, the friend left and he ended up just sleeping with Leal.

Demi was on the other side of the country in New York at the time, and Ashton told Leal they were separated. According to Leal, he also made the totally dimwitted mistake of not using protection. "We had sex twice,” the blonde model tells Us. “Everything felt natural. We were having a good time. One thing led to another. He was good but it wasn't weird or perverted or creepy. I was attracted to him and he was attracted to me. "He had great endurance. We were up for a while. It was about two hours." The following morning – the day of Ashton and Demi's sixth wedding anniversary – Ashton congratulated himself on his conquest before leaving the hotel.

"The last thing I remember him saying was he did a good job,” says Leal. “We woke up and I was wearing a robe. He opened it up and I was like, 'What are you doing?' He was like, 'Just checking. OK, I did good! You're really pretty.' "

Sheesh, what a guy! Please comment your views.

Divorce on cards

Demi Moore has consulted a divorce lawyer after a last ditch kabbalah session with Ashton Kutcher, a source said. '' It  hasn't worked. She is done with him,'' reported the Daily Mail, quoting an insider.

Moore appeared tired as the couple left a Saturday Kabbalah service in LA arm in arm. The source said Moore talked to a lawyer the same day about ''her living arrangements and how a divorce would impact her assets''.

Kutcher 33, is alleged to have slept with Texan Woman Sara Leal, 23 two weeks ago.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kristin is a 'mum'

Life imitates art as Kristin Davis confirms she has adopted a baby girl. Like her 'Sex & the City' character Charlotte, Davis, 46, quietly welcomed daughter Gemma Rose through domestic adoption a few months ago.

Court out using 'tox'

Her career was kick- started in Melrose Place, plastic paradise of good looking bed hoppers, so it is fitting that Courtney Thorne - Smith has become a spokeswoman for the botox.

The actor better known as Alison or the blonde one who isnt Heather Locklear, shared her thoughts on using the 'tox' with People. ''It's never been a secret in my personal life. I've just never been asked by the press,'' says Thorne Smith 44, which is true because no one thinks about her much these days. ''I've used it, I like it and it works well for me. That's just the simple truth,'' she added.

Brilliant strategy. She gets a pay cheque, free botox, kudos for her honesty and locklear will be livid she didn't think of it first.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kristen Stewart earns more than Jen and Ange


Vanity Fair has released a list of Hollywood's 40 top earners and guess what: Kristen Stewart earns more than Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. And she's pocketing more pay than her boyfriend/Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.
At number 13 on the list, Kristen was the highest ranking woman with estimated annual earnings of $28.5 million. R-Pattz came in at number 15 with $27.5 million and fellow Twilighter Taylor Lautner pipped them both to number 9, with an estimated $33.5 million.

Further down the list were Jennifer Aniston at number 18 ($24.5 million) and Angelina Jolie at number 21 ($21.5 million). Poor old Brad Pitt didn't even crack the top 40. As for who took the top spot: Avatar director James Cameron came in first place with an estimated annual salary of $257 million.