WORLD OF GLAMOUR: January 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

David hits on Jen

David, 39, recently admitted that he becomes a “maniac” when he drinks, saying: “Everybody is worried and concerned about me.” But for months he’s been in denial, claiming he was merely enjoying single life, while friends and family warned that he was going to have to hit rock bottom before he admitted he needed help. He finally reached that point just before Christmas. During an extended drinking spree, he committed the ultimate betrayal in Courteney’s eyes when he began drunkenly flirting with her best friend Jennifer Aniston.

Courteney, 46, was furious but she was also so worried about his behaviour she changed David’s visitation rights to their 6-year-old daughter Coco and warned that she would immediately file for divorce and full custody if he didn’t change his ways.

The ultimatum finally convinced the actor to check into rehab for depression and alcohol abuse, although he denies he has a drug problem.
“David has spent three months in a complete downward spiral of drinking and partying, but it took the incident with Jen to make him realise he was out of control,” says an insider...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


From 1994-2004, the cast of Friends were the hottest stars on television. We didn’t miss an episode for ten years. Friends was one of the most popular television show back in 90's. Then the show ended, and well, our loyalty waned a bit. I mean, we gave Joey a chance, but it wasn’t the same. We tried to love Jennifer Aniston when she played Rachel in about 100 different movies and we did for the first 50 and that is why she is much more popular among the other stars who just could make it that far like Jennifer.

Since the show’s end, the former Friends have served us satires, dramas and family comedies. Some have flopped, others, succeeded. Courteney Cox tried her best in other shows but it just didnt work like friends. With new shows from Matt Le Blanc (Episodes) and Matthew Perry (Mr Sunshine) on the horizon, we figured now was as good a time as any to take a look back at their life after Friends.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mila Kunis has split from Macaulay Culkin

Black Swan star Mila Kunis has split from Macaulay Culkin after a solid eight years together. A rep for the couple confirmed to the New York Post's Page Six today: "The split was amicable, and they remain close friends."

According to a source the pair had broken up months ago but decided to keep it quiet while Mila, 27, promoted Black Swan. Mila had previously spoken about her fear of settling down with Macaulay, 30, revealing to BlackBook in December 2009 that marriage probably wasn't for her.

She said: "Not to say that I don't believe in it, but it's just not something that's important to me. "But I will have children. I'm too selfish to have them now, but when I do, I don't feel like I need to be married. I need to have a person in my life who will care for me and my children, nothing else."

All I can say - How sad!