Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brad & His Exes

Dating Brad Pitt would have to be a pretty life-defining experience, so it's no surprise that his ex wife and ex girlfriend have got plenty to talk about now that they're working together on a new flick.

Jennifer Aniston and Juliette Lewis sound like they're well on their way to becoming BFFs after bonding over tales of their ex-BF (or ex-husband, in Jen's case) on the set of The Switch.

                                                       Jen and Juliette on set.

Jen and Juliette looks very friendly on the set. "Jen was simply a piece of heaven," Juliette says of her co-star. "Just a real girls' girl - really down to earth, funny and absolutely wonderful.

"I play her best friend and I am kind of daffy, but we just had a natural affinity for each other."

Of course you did, you're both card-carrying members of the exclusive I've done Brad Pitt club!

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