WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Nicole Kidman's emotions

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nicole Kidman's emotions

Nicole Kidman's nature-defying face has been getting a lot more attention than her film roles of late. But according to a critic at Entertainment Weekly, her face is starting to move again. "Kidman’s famous features do move - a little more - in [new movie] Rabbit Hole", says critic Lisa Schwarzbaum.

"By whatever methods she has employed, the actor currently looks somewhat softer and a little more natural, playing a woman nearly catatonic with grief.'

Lisa predicts that Nicole's role will put her back on the map as a badass Hollywood actor - and with any luck, take her off the list of plastic surgery disasters getting slammed in the celeb world. Lisa dares Nicole to walk out of the house looking haggard. Ha! "Show us your flaws, Nic!" she says.

 "So you at your “worst” are better than we are on our very best days!"

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