WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Altiyan Childs wins X Factor 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Altiyan Childs wins X Factor 2010

Altiyan with his mentor & Xfactor Judge Ronan Keating.

Altiyan Childs left fellow final-three contestants Andrew Lawson and Sally Chatfield in his wake in the grand final show with a rousing rendition of U2's Beautiful Day. He was announced The X Factor winner at a star-studded and pyrotechnic charged show in Sydney on Monday night at the Grand Final.

Earlier in the evening it was announced teen favourite Lawson had scored the fewest viewer votes and became the first of the top three to be booted off the show. His mentor Kyle Sandilands said Lawson was a "real gentleman" who was sure to score a record contract regardless of the result. "Just standing in the final is incredible," Lawson told the crowd. After his elimination, Chatfield and Childs then took over the battle to the stage. But when it came down to the final announcement, it was clear the crowd's favourite was a popular choice for winner. When Childs' name was announced the live audience erupted as did a series of fireworks.

Childs then took to The X Factor stage for the final time to give a rousing performance of the winner's song Somewhere In The World, complete with his now instantly recognisable and unconventional dance moves.

His mentor Ronan Keating said he was "incredibly proud" to see his charge take home the title of X FACTOR. ''He just ticks all the boxes, he's a real star," Keating said. He also added, "The world just needs to get ready for Altiyan Childs.''
Childs made special mention of his relationship with his mentor who he hugged repeatedly after his name was announced. He also made tribute to his dad. "It's like a poetic dream, I know how close it came," he told the crowd later. "I thank the mystery that created me.''

The two hour finale show was a spectacle of talent, with the likes of Jamiroquai, INXS, James Blunt and Guy Sebastian featuring US rapper Eve all taking to the stage to perform their latest singles. US rocker/actor Jack Black also made a recorded appearance taking the final three through their paces in a celebrity boot camp to prepare them for stardom. All of the top 12 contestants also returned to the stage to belt out a couple of hits.

Congrats Altiyan Childs!!!!!! Well I think Altiyan is a true rockstar. He has grown tremendously through out the competition and proved everyone he has got so much potential to win the title of X factor. Altiyan, Wish you all the very best & good luck for your future projects.

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Anonymous said...

he is the best & he deserves it...he has got the star quality and love his voice....he sings from his heart, from his soul...

Love u altiyan & good luck