WORLD OF GLAMOUR: David Arquette blames Jennifer Aniston for his divorce

Thursday, November 11, 2010

David Arquette blames Jennifer Aniston for his divorce

David Arquette has reportedly blasted his wife's best friend Jennifer Aniston, accusing her of meddling in his marriage. According to The Mirror. the 39-year-old phoned Jen after his split from Courteney Cox, telling her, "You never like me from the start."

A source tells the paper he also made a quip about the Friends star at the premiere of his new movie The Legend Of Hallow Dega. "The film was shot in Courteney's home state of Alabama," said David. "Actually, while I was there I came across a town called Anniston. I should have known that was an omen'." Meow!

Wonder what Jen has to say about this!


Sharon said...

what nonsense! Jen is such a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Aniston is a woman who is getting old and she has got no one. She is a harpy. No wonder Brad left her. She has nothing to offer. She doesn't even look good.