WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Jennifer Aniston sits on rocks for new fragrance

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jennifer Aniston sits on rocks for new fragrance

Jennifer Aniston has launched a new fragrance, ''Lolavie'' - which we suspect is going to give the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker a run for their female fanbase money.

The name Lolavie, which roughly translates from French as ''laughing at life,'' was chosen by Jen herself who says, '' the long story behind it is and honesty it is too personal to tell.''

As for sitting on those rocks? It's just part of the creative journey Jen has been heavily involved in over the last year and a half.

''It wasn't just about showing up for a shoot and putting my name on a bottle,'' she said.

''I felt like a little chemist. It's turned out to be an extension of myself as opposed to slapping my name on something.''

After conquering the fragrance world, Jen announced she plans to start directing.

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