WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Smith's family on the red carpet

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Smith's family on the red carpet

Willow and Jaden Smith already strike poses on the red carpet like a couple of seasoned showbiz professionals and they haven't even hit their teenage years yet but they have already became small stars. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's two kids have been close to the spotlight for years, but in the last few months they've both suddenly shot to stardom with 12-year-old Jaden starring in a remake of The Karate Kid and 10-year-old Willow releasing her first single Whip My Hair. But some critics say it's all too much, too soon.

"Will and Jada expect only the best from their children, there is very little room for failure. They’re a very competitive, high-performing family," a friend tells the Daily Mail. "It’s almost like the kids have never known what it’s really like to be a child. They were launched straight into the limelight. A lot of their friends think it is way too much too soon."

The whole family joined Jaden in China while he was filming The Karate Kid this year, and dad Will admits there were times when he and his wife argued over whether or not their son needed to take a break.

Well I think they need a break as they are just kids. What do u think? Please Comment.

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