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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another Break up

Tom and Katie's broken home

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship started out as a fairytale. But as their fourth anniversary approaches it’s a whole different story. Broken promises, spies and fights have been pushing the couple apart for months, sources say, and Tom and Katie might not make it to the five-year mark. Increasingly, the tensions in their relationship are bubbling to the surface – even in public. On October 8, Katie fled the LA set of her new film Jack And Jill after receiving a distressing phone call from Tom’s younger sister, Cass.

“She looked like she was tearing up, and ran out with her hair and make-up still on,” a set insider reveals.

“She wouldn’t say what the problem was, but it seemed serious.” And it appeared to be about her husband, who is away filming Mission: Impossible IV in Prague. “When she got home, Katie told the staff to leave for the night,” a source says. “Everyone assumed Tom was upset with her, because things have been shaky lately.”

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