WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Jennifer Aniston's iconic photos in US Harper Bazaar

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jennifer Aniston's iconic photos in US Harper Bazaar


Jennifer Aniston recreates some of Barbra Streisand's most iconic photos for US Harper Bazaar and she got the approval seal from the great lady. Jennifer Aniston has recreated iconic portraits of Barbra Streisand from What's up Doc? and Funny Girl for the September issue of US Harper Bazaar.

'' If only she had a bump on her nose,'' Streisand wrote on her website. Otherwise, the screen icon was ''very flattered'' with the tribute.

Aniston said she'd had a lot of fun with the shoot. '' Look, you're dressing up in wigs and costumes and going into this beautiful theatre in downtown Los Angeles and her voice is booming through the speakers,'' she said.

''And you get chills. I'm always uncomfortable in photo shoots because that sort of thing is not my career, it is not  my profession. So it was sort of fun to play a character like that.''

Like her idol, Aniston, who is promoting new film ''The Switch'' (out in August 20), hopes to get behind the camera.

'' I really am chomping at the bit to do that next,'' she said.

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