WORLD OF GLAMOUR: Angelina vs Jen

Friday, March 5, 2010

Angelina vs Jen

Angelina earned $1 million more than Jen Last Year

Poor Jennifer, Angelina has got her beat in yet another category called Income.
According to Vanity Fair's Hollywood's Top 40, Angelina earned $21 million last year, putting her in 32nd place on the list where Jen took 33rd place with earnings of just $1 million less.
Atleast Jen has something to be smug about though- Brad Pitt is lagging way behind both women with an income of 13.5 million, placing him at number 40.
Angelina has not always been ahead of Jen in the money stakes. In 2008 Jen raked in a whooping $27 million thanks to Marley and Me, while Ange only banked $14 million. That said, Ange was pretty busy adopting babies.

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